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Local Color

Interesting discoveries are everywhere.


For example, attend a local event and you might see marvelous sights like these cheese sculptures at the Indiana State Fair.




Attending a state fair is a great way to discover what is distinctive in that area:  it’s an event where local agriculture, foods, crafts, music, and customs have a place to shine.  You might catch a rodeo in New Mexico, or cloggers dancing in Iowa, or even an outhouse race as shown below.


Outhouse races, Iowa State Fair

Outhouse races, Iowa State Fair
















Perhaps you will find reminders of home like the Ames Monument where Oakes and Oliver Ames were honored for their contributions to the transcontinental railroad. The four-sided pyramid marks the highest point on the transcontinental railroad before the tracks were relocated further south.


Ames Monument, Buford, WY

Ames Monument, Buford, WY

Residents of Easton, Massachusetts will recognize something familiar in the style this monument, and for good reason!  It was designed by H.H. Richardson, the same architect who designed the Ames Free Library, Oakes Ames Memorial Hall and other buildings in town. Similarly, the two bas-relief sculptures were created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the sculptor responsible for the bronze relief of Oliver Ames II on the library’s mantelpiece.


Plan this trip!


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