Posted on Sep 2, 2013 in More Great Reasons to Sail, Sailing New England On the Cheap

More Great Reasons to Sail

Some of the joys of sailing are obvious:  the playfulness, the sense of discovery, the beauty of the ocean.  Yet the avocation of sailing has offered Carolyn and Gino other less-expected benefits.  The process of restoring and maintaining a boat has led to shared time, new skills and a sense of common purpose.  Learning the arts of sailing and navigation builds expertise and confidence.  It is also a great relationship builder:  both people must learn all tasks onboard, and both must communicate effectively and respect each other’s comfort zone.

Another benefit  is the way sailing can be shared.  It offers a new way to socialize with old friends and opportunities to make new friends at every harbor and through sailing websites.

Once one develops sufficient sailing skills, one can rent a cruiser anywhere in the world . . . and that certainly expands the possibilities!



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